A Tale of Two Twins

Our twins Alix and Pip have a genetic problem on their X chromosome. In particular on the DDX3X gene on the X chromosome. This causes a variety of medical, sensory, cognitive, behavioural and medical problems. I’ve created this blog to provide a small amount of general information and hopefully links to some avenues of support, but mainly to give a flavour of just how great, but taxing, it can be caring for people with significant additional needs. If you have any thoughts or ideas please let me know via the contact page

The twins were born in December 1999, so at time of writing are 19 years old. They have various problems under the wide umbrella of “learning difficulties”.

They are remarkably happy and sociable young ladies despite the trouble they have in new and busy situations and are always keen to meet new people and love trying new things, if they are carefully introduced. They have a wide range of interests, which in Alix’s case amounts to obsessions, Pip perhaps less so